Russian first and only Business Aircraft Maintenance and Repairs Center was established in Ostafyevo.

The center is EASA Part 145 certified to provide maintenance and repairs on Falcon-900 and Falcon-900 EX  EASy Aircraft.

The Center specialists perform line and periodic maintenance of this Aircraft type up to B-checks inclusive.

For the years of operation of Falcon-900s since 1995 the Company has got vast experience in maintaining, repairing and supporting  business aircraft.

Many employees apart from the Russian certificates hold US FAA AnP Licenses thus widening the scope of the Center activities and witnessing to high standards of the personnel training.

The Center includes  planning and logistics groups allowing to  efficiently plan Aircraft maintenance input and provide necessary spares and materials on time.

Maintenance and repairs of business aircraft are performed in own hangar complexes equipped in compliance with requirements of Russian and European Aviation Authorities.

Aircraft are maintained with modern equipment and instruments.